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Ask Us Anything! decades in the carpet cleaning business, here is a list of some of the most important questions we have been asked about cleaning the carpet of homeowners. Here are the most common questions asked in connection with the process of cleaning a homeowner’s carpet, as well as the results of our work. Some of these questions even come up on a weekly basis and we have tried to be honest as possible when answering them.

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Are You Cheap?

A fixed price will be communicated to you after an assessment of your cleaning needs has been completed and we will send you an estimate by phone upon request. This is a very relevant question, and the answers to these frequently asked questions should help you get started in the process of finding and working with a professional carpet cleaning team. If you have had your carpet cleaned by our company, you may have been asked before. For more information about Heros carpet cleaning services and answers to any further questions, please call us at any time. For a complete list of the most common questions about carpet cleaning and solutions, see our Consumer’s Inside Guide to Carpet Cleaning. Whether you want your carpet cleaned or think you just have the carpet cleaned, this article answers all the questions you have. When comparing prices between companies, you do not pay what is required for carefully cleaned carpets. You pay only for the cleaning of the carpet, not the quality of the cleaning itself. For accurate pricing, we always recommend that you get a well-trained cleaning technician at Heros Carpet Cleaning who will trust you to personally inspect your carpet.

Do We Have To Be In?

It is not necessary to be in your house while cleaning the carpet, as long as the cleaning technicians are thorough and trained professionals, you guarantee a beautifully renewed carpet and your money back.

How Long Will It Take?

How long the carpet cleaning takes depends on how dirty the carpet is, how clean it is, how much furniture is moved, cleaned, blocked, punched or vacuumed and what service is provided. Other factors that may be attributable to the drying time of carpet cleaning include the size of the carpets, the number of tiles or joints, and other factors such as temperature, humidity and humidity. Some other variables are the cleaning method used, size and shape of your carpet, age of the furniture, type of floor and other materials, etc.

What Are Your Procedures?

One of the most important things you can do before you arrive is to vacuum your carpet well. It is also helpful to vacuum the carpet before cleaning, even if this is not mandatory. If it is necessary to walk through a carpet cleanly, ask the carpet technician for a free pair of shoe covers. Of course, there are permanent stains that can never be removed, but they can be detected by a professional carpet cleaner after an initial assessment. If the stain removed from the carpet does not reappear, it will be swirled up again. Sometimes spills get caught in the carpet upholstery and come back if you have behaved while cleaning. We recommend that you consult professional carpet cleaners and choose a cleaning service provider to clean your home or business, as companies use different equipment and cleaning techniques, so ask them

Will I Get Results?

We clean hundreds of thousands of carpets and rugs every year. The answer is, to put it simply, yes, mostly, but only if the carpet is never worn out or stained with permanent stains. In addition to our typical carpet cleaning process. We use a stain removal service so that even the hardest stains have no chance. Our Carpet Cleaning solutions have also been designed to be easier on the planet than conventional carpet cleaners. We are able to remove nail polish stains on your rugs and carpets thoroughly. You can use our total carpet care systems, including a complete range of cleaning services, from simple to high-quality cleaning solutions. Since our system does not contribute to the formation of resoiling, regular and frequent vacuuming can help keep your carpet clean for longer. The trick is to know when your carpet needs professional, tender and loving care. These are just some of the questions you want to answer before you have it professionally cleaned. Protecting your carpets with a deep cleaning is a great way to keep them looking clean for longer.

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Other questions that we quite often get asked are: How long do carpets take to dry?… Well, it depends on the type of fibre, staining and the environment. We use air dries to help reduce the drying time and quite often carpets can dry after 1 or 2 hours. Is carpet cleaning safe?… Yes, if done by a high-trained and professional company like ours, it is perfectly safe and as safe as washing your clothes in fact! We make the process safer by inspecting the carpet, rug or sofa first to check the requirements needed to clean the fibre and fabric safely.

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